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#DearMama-Meet Niq

#DearMama-Meet Niq


Happy Monday! Hope yalls weekend was full of love and laughter, mine sure was. Let's not waste any time and jump right into #DearMama, starting with my girl Niq.

I can't even remember how we connected on social media, I just know she's a true gem. She's constantly supporting all her sister friends, always shouting us out even though she's one of the dopest women I know. I can't say enough about how overall amazing she is so I'll let you read it below for yourself.

A little bit about her

What's up yall? I'm Sharnique a stay at mom of three and fiance to my homie lover friend Mr. Washington. I am mothering a son with autism, a gifted daughter, and a toddler boss baby that runs us all. I'm also a fellow mom blogger! You can catch all the chaotic dopeness over on my blog www.thatdopemomblog.com


What does motherhood mean to you?

To me, motherhood is the definition of true love, unconditional love. it is accepting your children for who they are then guiding and encouraging them to be the best version of themselves. it is the extreme version of all emotions. This is the most love I’ve ever experienced, the most scared I’ve ever been, the most tired I’ve ever felt and it’s all worth it making it the most satisfying as well.


Best motherhood moment/Toughest

Like most moms, I've had countless best moments.  One that comes to mind at the moment was having my son refer to me as Mom for the first time. My oldest child and only son is autistic. After a lot of therapy sessions and working my ass off with him at home he became more vocal. It all paid off when he was three. I walked into the room and called out mommy to me for the first time! Thinking back on that moment still brings tears to my eyes.


Some of the toughest moments of motherhood came along when my son was being bullied at school. I couldn’t understand for the life of me why someone would want to bully him. I know he is my son so some may think I’m being a little bias but everyone that comes in contact with him knows how sweet he is. How quiet he is. He stays to himself he doesn’t bother anyone and beats to his own drum. In order to bully him you would have to go out of your way to pick on him and why would anyone want to do that? I was pissed! The issue was dealt with immediately and thankful we haven’t had any real issues since. 

What has motherhood taught you?

One thing motherhood has taught me is acceptance. Not only of my children but of other children, mothers, and people in general. Mankind can be extremely judgmental, some knowingly some not so much. In this social media age, a lot of people have become numb to common courtesy and common sense. They forget grandma’s advice “if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all” Instead of quickly judging and assuming I find myself simply accepting


Isn't she dope? I promise you, you need her in your girl gang. Love you sis, thank you for starting this series off 🖤 If you cant get enough of her like me, check her out on her multiple platforms below. Until next time 🖤

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