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#DearMama-Meet Jo

#DearMama-Meet Jo



Happy day after Mothers Day! (should we make that a thing? lol) I hope no matter what motherhood looks like to you, no matter how the journey of motherhood came about for you, that yesterday you felt loved and appreciated just a little bit more; and just in case no one told you, you are beautiful, you're killing the mom game, and I see you ♡

Now, let me introduce yall to the next gem in our #DearMama series, Jo. Jo is another sister-friend that I don't even know how I connected with, its like we've been long distance friends for forever! lol She is someone I can definitely say I learn from. We talk about so many different things and even when our viewpoints are different, I always take away something from our conversations. Plus her life ethic is INSANELY amazing yall. Like Idk when the woman sleeps! lol She is such an inspiration but see for yourself below.

A little bit about her

Jo Morrison is a 28-year-old wife & mama residing in NYC. When she isn't doing backflips with her toddler, you can catch her at the local coffee shop blogging, editing youtube videos, and catching up on homework. Jo is passionate about Womanhood & Motherhood and strives to encourage those around her to be all that God created them to be.


What does motherhood mean to you?

Motherhood is an unconditional love that words can not express. It is seeing your heartbeat in human form. It is becoming selfless, and enjoying the world through the eyes of your sweet baby!


Best/Toughest motherhood moment?

My best moment of motherhood would definitely have to be Jaxen's first birthday. I had all of these fears and concerns when I found out that I was pregnant. We didn't feel financially ready, we were living in a one-bedroom NYC apartment, and I hadn't finished school. I remember waking up on his first birthday and thinking "Wow, God's grace was really on us." Just looking at my amazing baby boy I realized that a year later, he was still happy, healthy, we weren't broke, and he was the cause of so much joy. That is a moment I will never forget as a mama.


My toughest moment in motherhood would have to be learning to breastfeed. I had envisioned this beautiful connection like you see in the movies where the baby slides down and latches on perfectly. When Jaxen wouldn't latch on, I felt like a failure. I had so much outside pressure to breastfeed that I thought I wasn't being the best mom that I could be. Thankfully a lactation consultant helped Jaxen latch on and I was able to give him breast milk, but man those first weeks that I couldn't were extremely rough

What has motherhood taught you?

Motherhood has taught me to forgive, love harder, to be more giving of my time, and to chase my dreams with all of my heart. I have to lead by example. I can talk a good talk, but Jaxen is watching who I am, how I treat people, how I respond to hardships, and that will shape who he becomes. Mothered has taught me to be the best version of myself.



I just love her. Jo is truly one of the most authentic women I know and you won't regret following along with her life and family♡

Instagram- jbeautifulencounters

YouTube- Coffee With Jo

Blog- Beautiful Encounters


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