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What About Yo Friends: 5 Ways To Be A Good Friend

What About Yo Friends: 5 Ways To Be A Good Friend


Hola mis amigas! (did y'all forget I was fluent in Spanish?) Y'all know I'm always here for all things sisterhood and friendship, and I know we usually focus on our romantic relationships this month, but I wanted to touch on friendships. Just like your relationship with your boo, friendships take work and cultivating. In order to have a rewarding and long lasting friendship, you gotta put the effort in. As I get older, I'm realizing just how vital my relationships with my sista-friends are to my life. As I establish new friendships, and work on old ones, I've come up with 5 ways we can all make sure we're remaining authentic in our friendships.

Be Honest

This should be a standard in all your relationships but even more so with your girlfriends. Superficial friends wont tell you the truth in an attempt to not make waves, but a true friend will give it you straight. She'll tell you the truth and not to be mean, but because she wants you to be the best you can be. She'll tell you when you're wrong and she'll praise you when you're right.


Be Dependable

There's nothing worse than being in a pinch and not having someone to call on. Or making plans with someone and they flake last minute. Not only is that hurtful, but it shows that you don't care. A good homegirl shows up when she's supposed to (sometimes unexpectedly) and helps you through. She's rooting for you, endlessly because there's respect for the relationship and it's mutual. When you're going through a heartbreak, she's there with two spoons and a tub of your fave ice cream; and she brings the champagne when its a celebration.

No Flex Zone (unless its for each other)

There's enough competition amongst women already, we shouldn't have to compete with our friends too. Y'all see me on IG all the time shouting my friends up, and its because not only do they deserve it, I truly want to. When I win, they win, and vice versa. Your friends should make you feel like the beautiful, bomb, boss babe, wife-mom-woman that you are. If you feel like you can't share your successes and good news with your friend without her feeling some type of way, it might be time to find a new friend. One woman's shine doesn't dim yours. There's enough room for all of us to shine. Together.


Be Thoughtful

One of the easiest ways for us to show our friends some love is to be considerate. It doesn't have to be anything lavish, but something as simple as sending her a text when you think about her. Checking in on her when you know she's having a bad day. Hyping her up in the comments under her photo. Little things like such, go a long way.

Judgment Free

Having a safe space to be able to bare your feelings and be transparent is so important, we all  need a friend/s who will listen indifferently. We carry and do so much in our day to day, things can easily become overwhelming. Sometimes we have thoughts and insecurities that we are too afraid to say out loud, but when you have someone who will be there for you, that makes all the difference. Especially knowing they wont put you down, throw shade, or make you feel guilty, that's a friend you want to cherish and keep around.

Just like any relationship, friendships take work but they are so worth it. What are some characteristics you need your girl gang to have? Let me know below!


xx Kiara

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