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3 Intentions for 2017

3 Intentions for 2017

Let this year treat you right. Speak your dreams into existence. Pray for happiness. Work for everything you’ve ever wanted and allow love to fill your life
— Reyna Biddy

I'm back! I know its been awhile since I posted and I honestly didn't mean for it be such a huge lapse, but life and #muvahood has just had me all kinds of busy, ya know? Towards the end of 2016 I wasn't as "plugged in" as far as social media. I just really wanted to enjoy the holidays with my little family and enjoy my baby.

I cant believe this time last year DJ was already a month old! Crazy how fast 2016 went by...speaking of 2016, most of my plans sort of took a backseat to being a mom. Especially with DJs surprise entrance into the world and all that came with it, I feel like that's understandable. However, now that he's older and becoming more independent, I have a little more time on my hands to focus on me. So to start 2017 off, I decided to pick three things I wanted to focus on for the year; and what better way to stay accountable than to share right here.


I know sometimes we have all these things on our to do list except ourselves. So I want to try to take some time each day to focus on Kiara. Being a (semi) new mom I can admit that motherhood pretty much consumed me. I was so focused on fulfilling my duties as a  mom that I forgot to fulfill my duties to myself. I'm pushing mom guilt aside and making myself take care of me. I read a quote that said something to the extent of, "You cant pour from an empty cup" and its definitely true. As the only lady in my house, I realize that I do set the tone inside our four walls, and running on empty leaves me a not so happy camper...or wife...or mama. So whether it be ten minutes or ten hours (wishful thinking I know lol) I'm at the top of my list.

I created a self care chart like the one Alex Elle teaches in her sessions. You can find more about them here.


Sooooo Im a bit of a procrastinator *grimaces* I can just say I work well under pressure right? 12 page essay due Monday, I start Sunday night. Dinner party Friday, Im scouring Pinterest for "entrees that will make me look like Top Chef" most likely Friday morning. Its so bad, but I desperately want to get better! Becoming a mom definitely humbled me and made me realize areas  where I could be a better me. So I bought a planner, well I bought it last year but it goes through June of this year, so I can allocate times of my day for things that need to get done. Im hoping this will help me organize and use my time more efficiently.

Be Present

This goes for on and off social media. I want to make sure that I enjoy moments without trying to capture them all the time. Social media will sometimes make you feel like you have to present yourself a certain way, that everyone lives a better lifestyle, and you're not significant if you don't get a certain amount of likes. I've felt that way. So its always nice for me to unplug and take a breather from my social apps. To enjoy my family and not always make it a photo op (even though who doesn't love a good picture?) To memorialize moments by participating and really being present in them.

On the flip side, I'd like to blog more this year. When I first started my blog I was SO nervous. I talked about it for F O R E V E R but I was so fearful. What did I think I was? What did I have to say that was so important it warranted a blog? Would people even read it or would be a big flop? All that crossed my mind. But I just took the leap of faith and did it. I started this blog with a super transparent first post, hit publish...and the love was so real. Life happened, distractions happened, but I want to make a point of posting more on here so stay tuned!

That's it! Yall pray for me and help keep me accountable for 2017. Now I'd like to hear from you! What are some intentions you plan on keeping for this year?




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