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#DearMama-Meet Jalyssa

#DearMama-Meet Jalyssa


Hola amigas! This series has been my favorite thing I've done blog-wise, I love getting to read all the different takes on motherhood from my amazing mama friends. Closing out #DearMama yall know (or may not know lol) I had to do my sis/bestie/confidant Jalyssa. Get to know her below and you'll see why I love her so 🖤

A little bit about her 

Hola, Im Jalyssa! A 20 something year old chica who mothers 3 incredible boys & is wifey to the dopest man! I'm a lover of Jesus & encouraging people. I dabble in many things but my true passion lies in those 2. That's what I want to spend my life doing; loving God, loving people, & living fully alive. xoxo


What does motherhood mean to you?

When I think of motherhood I think of glory. I guess I see glory as the synonym to motherhood. When used as a verb glory means to take great pride or pleasure in. Motherhood is hard, yet fulfilling. It is messy, but all beautiful. Being a mother is a never ending giving of yourself, but also the never ending receiving of love. Glory as a noun means magnificent, beautiful. So to me, motherhood is just glorious. 


Best/Toughest moment of motherhood?

Geez my best moment of motherhood was the day I realized my life was no longer my own. Which was also the toughest. This can sum up all of the hard & amazing things. That moment when I looked at my 1st born's little face, man I was crazy exhausted, but he needed me. Then I knew, I would forever be needed. He could not survive without me at this point in his life & in some way, I knew that would always be the case. SO that was it, my moment.

The moment I stepped not this new role God had given me & chose selflessness. That is probably the hardest thing about motherhood because, well, mama needs some attention too! But when I stepped back and realized what it means to be selfless, I thought about Jesus & my whole perspective shifted. Now here I am, 3 little dope human beings calling me mama, requiring ALL of my attention. . . my time. . . my being. But that's ok, because they give me just as much as they take from me. That is my absolute favorite thing about motherhood, giving all of me to them & then watching God water that & make it grow into something beautiful.


What has motherhood taught you?

Motherhood has taught me that grace & mercy should be a never-ending stream running through my veins. I have to be able to receive it & give it constantly. Mainly because I am a HOT MESS majority of the time &  that usually makes me feel down & out. . . like I'm not fit for the job. Then I think about mercy, I'm forgiven.  . . grace, I'm loved & accepted. Now I am able to keep going. And then when my boys are buggin & thuggin grace & mercy flows from me to them. It's a cycle Id like to stay in with all of my relationships. I never really thought much about these 2 things until I became a mom, mostly because motherhood didn't come "natural" to me. But as I kept walking it out, receiving grace & mercy, I felt empowered, able, fit for the job. 

Motherhood is special, a true gift from God. So often I can overlook the importance of my "work" in raising these boys. But I have been given the key to the next generation, my boys are the mark I will leave on this world. They are the seeds I'm sowing for a beautiful harvest in the future. So every single day of my life I will be all in, 1,000% devoted to the call. Motherhood is a calling, & it's a pretty dope call to answer.


Don't you love her? I'm high key obsessed. You definitely need to follow her, she is an inspiration to many and you'll be missing out if you dont!

Instagram- @xojalyssa

Blog- JalyssaRichardsonBlog.com

And that wraps #DearMama up! Thank y'all for reading and riding with ya girl and my amazing friends. Until next time!




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