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Get To Know Me: 10 Facts (Most Likely Random)

Hi! So I did it! I started my blog. I've been debating on it ever since DJ was in the NICU and now I'm doing it. I've been "Instablogging" for a few months but I decided to have a designated place to write out all my thoughts. I will definitely be touching on NICU life, Life after the NICU, and just regular ol victories and trials when it comes to motherhood...and womanhood...and wifehood...just all the hoods! lol

To kick it off, I wanted to share a little about myself and who I am. So lets go!

1. I was born and raised in San Diego, CA. The best weather EVER. Can you imagine wearing flip flops and crop tops (no judgment) at Christmas time? EPIC.

2.  I learned Spanish from kindergarten through senior year. I wish I would've kept up with it, I can still hold a conversation though...and I'm pretty much a BAWSE when it comes to Selena renditions (I like to play her music when I clean, its weird lol)

3. When I'm 29, I'll be married for a decade...getting married that young definitely had its challenges, and I don't necessarily recommend it, but if you put in the work, regardless of age, marriage can be so beautiful and fulfilling.

4. I like people, but I like my alone time too...is that weird? I'm the friend that LOVES to make plans but if you cancel I'm secretly happy lol I like to go out but sometimes big crowds make me nervous. I also was never the person to be an open book, so for me to share bits and pieces of my self on the internet is a big step for me.

5. I wish I had friends like the show "Girlfriends". Or just friends in general. Is it just me or is it hard making friends as a 20 something year old woman? Most have established friendships from early childhood or college. I'll see a dope chick on social media or in the grocery store and sometimes I want to walk up to them or hit the DM and be like "You're dope. I'm pretty dope. Wanna be friends?"

6. I'm super weirded out by feet. Like, I think they're gross and funny looking. If everyone could walk around like Bratz dolls with detachable ankles, that would be awesome.

7. I didn't start drinking coffee until I became a mama. From late nights in the NICU to late nights when my son thinks 3 am is his wake up call, I needs the coffee. Like ALLLLLLL the coffee. Iced, hot, blended, flavored, put in an iv and injected right into the bloodstream...however you got it, this mama wants it.

8. I love music. My preference in music is so broad, riding in the car with me is like hitting shuffle on 3 different peoples iTunes. You could hear Taylor Swift or Gucci Mane, you just never know with me. 

9. Pinterest is my thang. It makes me feel like I can build my own farmhouse table and cook a whole chicken in my crock pot all at the same time.

10. I am still trying to figure out where I "fit"...and I'm not entirely sure what I want to be when I grow up. I have a bunch of interests and feel like I could be good at any of them (which doesn't give me any direction) so I'm working on being okay with that and letting God direct my path.

That's it! I could probably add twenty more to this list, but I don't want to bombard you with too much Kiki too soon! lol So what do you say, are we BFFs yet? Tell me a random fact or two about you!

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